School provides new information system for students: wireless LAN and Eureka Innovation
School provides new information system for students: wireless LAN and Eureka Innovation
  • Yang Hae-in
  • 승인 2015.09.22 19:39
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The school has carried forward plans for new information systems this year, including the wireless LAN service and the upcoming Innovation Eureka project. Due to the reformations that are currently undergoing the developing process, students are expected to enjoy a more convenient campus life regarding information systems.
Starting from Sept. 8, students and faculty have been able to access wireless LAN EWHA. Before the wireless LAN was installed, students in need of a wireless connection were required to register through the Eureka portal to receive an Olleh WiFi ID.
However, as the Eureka system itself occasionally had problems, the previous WiFi connection system made it difficult for some students to register in the first place. It was also inconvenient because the assigned IDs expired automatically if not used for 10 days. In order to reduce such inconveniences for the vast majority of mobile device users on campus, Office of Information and Communications (OIC) decided to construct a wireless LAN network in 2014. With the new system, students can connect to EWHA WiFi with their student ID and password for the Eureka system without registration.
“The school will endeavor to build a wireless LAN network that is highly accessible without a blind spot,” said Kim Hoe-rim, the manager of the OIC. “If there are any problems, please report the complaints about EWHA WiFi to the IT OneStop Service Center and we will readily try to solve it.”
Aside from the new WiFi system, OIC is preparing another project: Eureka Innovation. Eureka has been a constant object of discontent, especially because of the Java system that required frequent updates for security enhancements. Students previously had to install Java to get access to the Eureka portal, but some students were not able to download an appropriate version of Java to access the Eureka Web page.
Recognizing the demand for a new system free of Java that is also accessible on mobile devices, the OIC started planning a new Eureka Web site in 2014, and set to work this year.
“The new Eureka Web site does not require users to download any  other programs,” said Choi Suk-hee, the manager of Information System Development of OIC. “Students and faculty will also be able to access the PC version of the new Eureka on mobile devices. For mobile devices, services most frequently used by students such as checking seats for Chapel and grades will be provided in a more readable form.”
Students are welcoming the upcoming changes that have been reflected upon their constant complaints.
“Previously, when I had to check my Eureka urgently, I had to think about where I could find a computer,” said Oh Ji-hyun, a sophomore majoring in International Studies. “I am glad that the Web site will be compatible with all devices, including mobile phones.”
The OIC currently reached the final stage of development, testing the system for errors and striving to open the new Eureka as soon as possible.

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