Docents of Ewha Archives spread history of Ewha to world
Docents of Ewha Archives spread history of Ewha to world
  • Lim Ye-ju
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Freshman docent Koh Yoo-jeong's enthusiam about her role as spreading Ewha's history to visitors lights up the Ewha Archives. Photo by Kim Kyung-min.
Have you ever been to the Ewha Archives? If you have, you would have seen students busily explaining the history of Ewha to visitors. They are docents of Ewha Archives, who assist visitors to get a full understanding of Ewha’s history.
Other than Ewha Archives, Ewha Museum, which exhibits different artworks, first adopted the docent system in 2002. A few years later, the Ewha Archives, which has stored information related to the history of Ewha, and the Natural History Museum followed.
Koh Yoo-jeong, newly working as a docent for the Ewha Archives, helps us understand how docents make a unique contribution to Ewha’s campus life. She started her story by explaining her job.
“We provide information on the history of Ewha both in Korean and English,” Koh said. “We also make sure that all visitors follow the rules of the Ewha Archives during the museum tour.”
Although few Ewha students visit Ewha Archives often, it is an attraction to many tourists and guests.
“I was surprised by the amount of interest visitors show toward  the Ewha Archives,” Koh said. “A lot of Chinese tourists visit the Ewha Archives because they love the Hanok, a traditional Korean house. Recently, I’ve also met some honored guests who work at Ewha.”
Koh mentions that working as a docent has led her to become more attached to the school.
“I love working as a docent not only because the place is beautiful, but also because it is an important place for the school, namely place where all historical information is documented” Koh said. “Being able to work in a place like this has made me become more fond of the school. However, the work is sometimes demanding because of the tourists who do not follow the rules. Even though the work gives me challenges, that is nothing compared to the feeling of satisfaction I get as a docent.”
Starting the work as a docent this semester, Koh shows determination to spread knowledge of Ewha’s history.
“I know that many students are not aware of the Ewha Archives,” Koh said. “Some don’t even know that the Ewha Archives exists. I would love to show Ewha’s great history and the existence of the Ewha Archives through an easy and fun explanation of our history.”
Docents of the Ewha Archives are continuously selected twice a year, with around 20 students working each semester. They will continue to introduce Ewha to people around the world.

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