Hanwoori Hall renovates facilities for students
Hanwoori Hall renovates facilities for students
  • Kang Na-min
  • 승인 2015.09.12 10:46
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Hanwoori Hall, Ewha’s dormitory, has recently been refurbished. As well as remodeling public spaces, facilities such as washing machines and dryers were replaced. A new wireless network “EWHA,” the school’s own internet service, was also installed.
“Every year, Hanwoori Hall goes through renovations to provide a more comfortable environment for students,” the representative of Hanwoori Hall said. “For instance, in 2013, we installed fireproof doors with digital door locks. This year, we went through repairs and remodeling of the computer room, kitchenettes and lounge.”
In addition, a multi printer managed by a professional company was installed in the computer room, enabling students to make photocopies or send faxs. Moreover, it now accepts cash, T-money or credit card, rather than a print card, which was the only form of payment accepted before the change.
“Both the computer and laundry rooms have been directly managed by the dormitory,” the dormitory’s representative said. “However, to provide better services with cheaper prices, we made contracts with a few specialized companies.”
For the laundry room, every dryer and washer was replaced with new ones, available for use at a lower price. Before the change, poor sanitary conditions and constant breakdowns of the laundry facilities were amongst the frequently mentioned problems from residents. Compared to the number of users, the number of washers and dryers was not enough, which led to frequent mechanical problems from overuse of the machines.
 “Before, the washers and dryers only accepted 500 won coins,” said Kim Na-hyeon, a sophomore who has been living in Hanwoori Hall for a year and a half. “Now I do not have to prepare coins anymore. There is a machine I can pay with any form of money for the laundry right away.”
Along with these changes, one of the most welcomed developments is the installation of a new wireless network. During the summer vacation, extensive installation work for improved Internet connection was completed. Now it is possible to use a faster wireless network in all buildings of the campus, including Hanwoori Hall.
“Last semester, I had to leave my room to use the wireless Internet,” said Kim Han-bit, a sophomore studying German. “Now, I can use the service anywhere with a faster connection. The change has  improved the quality of dormitory life by 200 percent!”
The Ewha Dormitory has been trying to provide a pleasant environment so that students can focus on their studies. The school and the dormitory will continue to develop services and facilities for the convenience of students.

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