Regulations for pregnant students and exchange students to be revised
Regulations for pregnant students and exchange students to be revised
  • Lee Jae-lim
  • 승인 2015.09.12 10:46
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On Aug. 24, the Office of University Planning and Coordination pre-announced new changes in school regulations. The recent revision mainly benefits the pregnant students and exchange students.
For one, the school decided to accept the students’ request for a leave of absence up to four semesters in order to protect  pregnant students’ rights to attend class.
“Before the revision, only graduate students could take a leave of absence up to two semesters,” said Son Hee-ran, a deputy of the Registrar. “However, due to students’ increasing need to balance  education and family, the school has decided to allow undergraduates to apply for the leave of absence, and also extended the maximum absence term to four semesters.”
Meanwhile, to broaden class offerings for exchange students, the Ewha Language Center opened a special course, which offers credits for the foreign exchange students. If they complete the course in the center before attending Ewha, it will be accepted as their credits. The candidates of this credit recognition and further details of the program will be set by Ewha’s president Choi Kyung-hee.
“The programs for the special courses have not been decided yet,” said Nahm Jay, a deputy of the Registrar. “However, we expect to notify students as soon as further details are announced.”
Students of Ewha also show positive attitude toward the changes.
“Acknowledging the needs of foreigners and pregnant university students is a paradigm that has shifted and developed to fit a humanitarian trend of the modern society,” said Park Eunji of International Studies. “Both policies consider the well-being of pregnant and foreign students so that they can receive benefits. Pregnant students can now study with a longer term to rest and be with their child. Foreign students can acquire credits for learning a new language they aspire. Thus, I believe that the rights of minorities are being accepted by the school.”
The revisions will be discussed in the committee council on Sept. 8 and promulgate enforcement regulations after final examination.

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