School launches future plan scholarship
School launches future plan scholarship
  • Lee Ha-kyung
  • 승인 2015.05.22 09:17
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The university established a new scholarship program called the “Future Plan Scholarship,” to be officially launched at the beginning of the fall semester of 2015. The scholarship will support Ewha students in planning out their self-initiated future.
Unlike most other scholarship programs, which consider grade point average or financial circumstances when choosing the recipients, the “Future Plan Scholarship” is a new form of scholarship that only evaluates the future plans of students. Students who are selected will be using their scholarships to carry out their plans for one year.
“The Future Plan Scholarship is a new form of scholarship, different from those that focus on financial hardships or good grades,” said an official from Scholarship and Welfare. “We expect the newly established scholarship will encourage students to draw a broader picture of their dreams. The school aims to show strong will on supporting and further engaging in students’ brighter future.”
Every year, 100 students will be granted a scholarship of 4,000,000 won. The scholarship will not only support Ewha students’ academic plans but also other means of fulfilling one’s future plans, such as creating a start-up and finding employment. Any Ewha student who has enrolled in the university for more than five semesters with the will to plan out their future may apply.
To apply for this program, students must include information on their long-term goals with detailed plans and the budget needed to fulfill their aims. Aspiration and motivation for applying to the scholarship are also necessary.
Students who wish to try out for the Future Plan Scholarship must submit their application by Sept. 4 to the Scholarship and Welfare team in the Office of Student Affairs. Those who pass through the initial selection phase based on submitted documents will go through an interview process.
Upon receiving the scholarship, students should implement their submitted plans, which may range from graduate school to creating a start up or other employment. In order to successfully carry out the plans, continuous counseling with a mentor professor will take place throughout the year.
“I was never able to apply for a scholarship due to the various prerequisites,” said Bang Se-hyun, a junior majoring in English. “Not only will this be an opportunity for me to apply for a scholarship, but also a moment of my own to dream about my future.”
The Office of Student Affairs is holding information sessions to promote participation and answer questions on the Future Plan Scholarship.
The first information session on the scholarship was held on May 14 in Ewha-POSCO building, and another will be held in the Student Union Building small theater on June 2 at 5 p.m.

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