Making The World A Brighter Place Through Wall Painting
Making The World A Brighter Place Through Wall Painting
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A single vine of ivy can climb a wall and transform its plain brick feeling into an enchantingly appealing one. There is a group of people, like these vines of ivy, that hope to beautify all that is dull and gray around us. They call themselves "Dam-jaeng-ee," a Korean term for both "a mud-wall builder," and "ivy." They paint walls with bright colors and transform dark and dull buildings into a cheery work of art. And all of this in the spirit of charity.
"The name Dam-jaeng-ee, represents us, re-building the walls just like the mud-wall builder," says graduate student Kim Jeong-ryoon (Visual Communication Design), president of Dam-jaeng-ee.
The original Dam-jaeng-ee started as a volunteering group, consisting of both undergraduate and graduate students from various universities. With their motto of "Action, not words," the group laid strong foundations for their volunteer work. But soon, the number of art majors increased within the group, and their volunteer work started to take more artistic expressions, such as wall painting.
Dam-jaeng-ee came to Ewha two years ago, and began recruiting members only this year. Last semester, they recruited members by personally handing out pamphlets to art majors. Starting this semester, they opened their doors to students of other majors. "Though we carry out our volunteer mission through painting, artistic skills make up only a small part of the whole work. Since all the rough sketches are made by the art majors, all the rest of the workers have to do is color them in," says Kim.
Kim Youn-jung (Division of Social Sciences, 1) wasn"t sure she had what it takes to become a member. "Since I don"t?have much artistic talent, I was worried whether I would be able to handle the work. But the idea that I could do something for the society fascinated me, and so I gave it a try.
With many applicants like Kim Youn-jung, Dam-jaeng-ee grew rapidly at Ewha, recruiting more than 60 members in just two years. "The number may sound large, but in reality we have only around 20 active members. Many students join our club out of curiosity and fascination for what we do, but don"t actively participate," says Kim Jeong-ryoon.
Members finish a piece at least once a month ­ not easy work at all. It takes a whole day to complete one wall painting. "Once, we were painting indoors for a juvenile guidance office. When we paint, we have to use paint thinner, and soon we all started feeling sick from inhaling the toxic paint thinner fumes," explains graduate student Yun Maria (Paint & Print).
Nevertheless, the members of Dam-jaeng-ee are passionate and hard working when it comes to painting a wall. When arriving at one of their designated workplaces, they first change into their work clothes and then they lay vinyl sheets all over the floor. After these preparations are complete, they start removing worn-out paint from the walls. Later, the art majors make the rough sketches based on a theme that everyone agrees on and that can blend in with the surroundings. Finally, everyone starts coloring, which is the highlight of the day"s work.
Dam-jaeng-ee, does not have much to show for, not even a clubroom. But it has gained popularity on campus in a relatively short time. "Making time for volunteer work may be a burden, but giving back to society counts so much. We are always receptive to interested students, the perseverant and passionate ones," says Kim.

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