Students learn CPR at Life Chapel
Students learn CPR at Life Chapel
  • Yoon Jung-in
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This year’s Life Chapel was a special chapel where students had an opportunity to personally experience Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and rethink the significance of life. From April 27 to May 1, CPR practice for students was conducted after Life Chapel in front of the main gate of the Welch-Ryang Auditorium.The mock drill was conducted under the slogan “Four minutes of miracle, CPR. Let’s learn CPR together.” During the session, students listened to lectures delivered by a CPR expert and were able to try CPR on dummies. After the CPR practice, students could take photos at the photo zone, showing that they have successfully finished the CPR training. During Life Chapel, two student volunteers carefully demonstrated the Compression-Airway-Breathe (CAB) procedure under the guidance of the instructor. CAB helps increase the chance of the victim’s survival during the “golden time,” the time before the ambulance arrives.After chapel, students had a chance to put the concepts they had just learned into action. With six dummies prepared in front of the main gate of Welch-Ryang Auditorium, students practiced the CAB process. With the assistance and tips from instructors, students all quickly became experts of life-saving emergency treatment. After the CPR practice, students gathered at the photo zone, took pictures together and received a sticker which read “Ewha Heart Saver.”“I always forget the exact number of chest compression and artificial respiration required, but this training has reminded me of the accurate procedure,” said Um Se-won, a freshman of English Language & Literature. “Were it not for Life Chapel and CPR practice, I would never have had the chance to properly learn life-saving maneuvers like chest compressions and also understand the critical importance of cardiovascular health.” As such, many students were satisfied with the education in that it reminded them of the most important details. “It would be much more effective for Ewha students to attend this event and learn the proper process of CPR, as performing CPR in a clumsy and inaccurate manner does not help the patient at all and only imposes threat on the victim’s life,” said Joh Hea-jung, a freshman of Division of Communication & Media. Cho Kyu-hyun, an instructor of CPR education, stressed that hands-on training such as regular mock drills is critical for saving lives of loved ones as well as others in times of medical emergency. “One year has passed since the Sewol ferry disaster. However, people are still insensitive toward safety issues and nothing has changed after the disaster. Realizing such dangers, it is imperative to construct a safety net so that anyone who is at the verge of death can be saved,” Cho said.

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