School celebrates its 129th Anniversary
School celebrates its 129th Anniversary
  • Lim Ye-ju
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Ewha will celebrate its 129th anniversary this year on May 31. The official anniversary ceremony will be held on May 29 in the Welch-Ryang Auditorium. The ceremony will open with a prayer by the head chaplain, followed by Ewha president’s welcoming speech. During the ceremony, academic rewards and official commendations will be presented. “The ceremony is to commemorate the 129th year of Ewha which gathers all of its capacity to achieve new challenges and innovation,” a staff member at Ewha said. “The ceremony will express the determination that Ewha will continue to produce the best female students and contribute to society.” Marking Ewha’s 129th anniversary, the school planned numerous ceremonial events for May, including various performances and exhibitions. Starting with the “Meeting Messiah through Ballet” held on April 25, the event will be followed by “Ewha Music Festival” and “EFAD 2015 Fashion Image/Photo Exhibition” which takes place on May 11 and June 12, respectively. Various majors and institutions are showing their individual efforts to commemorate the anniversary as well. Special lectures, seminars and conferences are held, with professors from both inside and outside of Ewha participating in the events. The Ewha Institute for Humanities, in particular, is holding 10 lectures by visiting professors regarding “Fields of Modern Knowledge and Journalism” from May 4 to 5. Social events concerning students and alumni are to take place as well. They range from student-oriented events such as “The Second University Amateur Women’s Basketball” to bazaars and alumni meetings. The upcoming event “The Second President Cup Soccer Match” will be held from May 6 to 19. As May is considered the month of family in Korea, Ewha is conducting several family activities to provide a chance for families to spend time together. Activities include “Ewha Father’s Day: Walking with Fathers” on May 9 and “The 4th Ewha Family Children’s Drawing Contest” on May 16.

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