Peeking into 2015 Daedong Festival
Peeking into 2015 Daedong Festival
  • Hong Ki-yeon
  • 승인 2015.05.11 09:51
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Daedong Festival, Ewha’s annual school festival, will be held from May 20 to 22.Arranged by Be Ewha, the 47th Student Government Association, this year’s festival will be held under the theme of “Ewhaful: Full of Ewha.” Ewhaful implies that the festival will be focused on expressing Ewha’s true identity as a place of learning and reaching out to those in society who are in need of help. On the first day of the festival, the opening ceremony will take place by making a huge bowl of bibimbap, a Korean traditional dish comprised of rice and vegetables. The food will be shared amongst students after making it together.On the second day, there will be a cooking competition under the theme of “Food Fit for Festivals.”On the third and last day, the Yeongsan tug-of-war will mark the closing of the festival. The event will be carried out as competitions between colleges, clubs and individual students. A concert with invited singers will take place on either the second or the third day.The food booths run by different clubs will be open throughout the three days, just as they had every year in the past. Additionally, the festival will run joint programs with the school’s cleaners and the West Region Street Vendor Association, which has been working to raise funds for social causes through university festivals for the past 20 years. “I hope that this year’s Daedong Festival will be one to be remembered forever,” said the head of the Daedong Planning and Coordination group, who wished to stay anonymous. “I also hope that a lot of Ewha students will join in making the rope for the traditional Yeongsan tug-of-war, and be more active in running the booths.” Daedong Festival is mainly organized by the Daedong Planning and Coordination Group, which was recruited by Be Ewha. The group consists of a planning team, stage team, booth team, joint program team, promotion team, and the Ggoumi team, which organizes the opening and closing ceremony of the festival.

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