Hospital and College of Medicine relocate to Magok
Hospital and College of Medicine relocate to Magok
  • Yoon Hye-joon
  • 승인 2015.04.09 22:29
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Ewha will move the College of Medicine, currently located in Mok-dong, to Magok by 2018, which is going to be a new site for a high-tech medical center.
Magok District has lacked big hospitals compared to its high demand for medical services. The new location of the hospital is near the Incheon International Airport. The hospital will be able to meet the local demands and also attract foreign patients as well.
The college and hospital have been situated at Mok-dong for 25 years and has had consistent problems of cramped space. The school faced many difficulties in making more facilities. The school is planning to establish a clinical trial center equipped with high-end facilities in the new hospital.
The new property in the Magok is about 9,917m2. 9,412m2 of the land will be used by the hospital and the college. The new hospital building will be equipped with 1,000 rooms. Also, the new building for the College of Medicine will consist of 17 floors – 12 ground floors and five basement floors.
In the remaining 505m2, Boguyeogwan, the first women’s hospital in Korea will be restored. Boguyeogwan, which means “the place for saving and protecting women,” was established in Jeong-dong campus in 1887 by Doctor Meta Howard following Pastor William Scranton’s suggestion. After Ewha built a new hospital in Dongdaemun in 1912, the original building of Boguyeogwan was demolished.
The school seeks to celebrate the historical heritage of Ewha's medical services and innovations by restoring the Boguyeogwan.
“It shows our will to be leaders in medical fields as the Boguyeogwan made big leaps in medical care for Korean women,” said Choi Jung-in, an official from Communications.

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