Students and school president discuss Innovative Ewha Vision
Students and school president discuss Innovative Ewha Vision
  • Kim Hye-won
  • 승인 2015.03.28 09:22
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Questions posed on new college, communication, public relations
The Innovative Ewha Vision Meeting, where students could gather together with the school president and faculty members, was held as an effort to share the vision of Innovative Ewha and to promote understanding of the school’s major policy orientations.
Students had the chance to freely ask questions directly to the president and relevant faculties, with the meeting on March 18 open for freshmen and sophomores, and the meeting on March 19 for juniors and seniors.
During the question and answer session, many students zealously voiced their opinions and questions, which mainly revolved around issues concerning the university’s plan to add a new college and its various efforts to improve relations with students on campus and people outside campus.
“The new college was established in order to meet students’ demands that the school should provide more diverse opportunities to augment students’ employment,” responded presdient Choi Kyung-hee, regarding the numerous questions students have raised related to the new college. “For example, students majoring in Nutritional Science & Food Management can advance to the food service industry or food marketing through interdisciplinary studies.”
In response to the rumors of the possible removal of particular departments or drastic reduction of the student quota, Choi ensured that Ewha will not take any such actions. She reassured students that majors of the new college were selected through voluntary application, so it should be viewed as a reorganization of the school system rather than a reconstruction.
 A number of students also commented that the announcement of the new establishment was not delivered to students soon enough so that their opinions were not heard during the decision making process. In this sense, many asked for more open and direct communication between the school and the students.
 “Although I thought that we had done quite a lot of notifications, listening to all these comments today really made me realize that it was not enough,” Choi answered. “I will make more room to gather students’ opinions, and through heads of colleges if I am not available. I also request students to actively ask questions and make demands to faculties. I myself and faculties here promise that we will make the best efforts to meet with you.”
In her opening speech, president Choi also emphasized that students should be proud of Ewha Womans University.
“I would like to sincerely ask students to make efforts in getting to know Ewha,” Choi said. “Then, you will feel proud of Ewha. Ewha is a ‘school of miracle,’ having started with only three majors and is now transforming into a top university where future female leaders are nurtured.”
Students who attended the meetings generally showed positive feedback.
“Before the meeting, I had negative thoughts on recent policies brought by the new president,” said Kim Min-ju, a sophomore majoring in English. “However, after listening to policymakers and the president herself, I could understand the school’s perspective. This kind of communication is exactly what we needed.”

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