The Cinderella Syndrome And Reality
The Cinderella Syndrome And Reality
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Every girl has her phase of desiring a good looking, intelligent, wealthy and benevolent man to come sweep off her feet. I take that back, I used the word ?very to capture your attention. Thus, I?l replace the word with ?umerous. Anyway, these many girls simply expect a perfect man, or a ?rince to come galloping on his white stallion to devote his life for her. It is harmless as long as this ?ream does not interfere with the girl? everyday life. However, when her dream world seems to take over the reality, the matter becomes a serious one. This condition is known as the Cinderella syndrome today.
The term ?inderella syndrome was defined by Dr. Peter K. Lewin in 1976, after observing a situation in which a girl looked forward to either leaving voluntarily or running away from home to look for her ?rince.
The matter I? like to address in this writing is the gravity of this ridiculous syndrome existing in Korea today and my personal insight and advice on how to prevent it.
I have never been a fan of television, especially of the popular television series known as ?rama in Korea. Yet, I have taken an interest in these dramas as I hear about them everywhere. I have noticed that the two very trendy and watched dramas are ?he Sweetheart of Paris and ?ull House. The main characters of each series are a girl in an extreme state of adversity and a ?erfect prince on the contrary. The basic plot is the extraordinary manner of their first meeting, and the unusual continuation of their relationship.
The reason why I had belabored on the subject of dramas is because I believe that the most vital cause of the Cinderella Syndrome is due to these dramas in Korea. There had been a countless number of psychological experiments to prove that continued exposure of things leads people to believe in them. As a result of these dramas dealing with nearly impossible events, a lot of girls come to desire and believe that these things will take place in their lives.
I believe that the number of cases of the syndrome would decrease significantly if the topic of dramas are more realistic. Magically meeting the perfect man or woman is quite unlikely. It also has a negative impact on the viewers as they tend to believe that these perfect, rich, and good looking people will somehow come and seek for their love, and one day get married.
As a solution to prevent this syndrome, the viewers of the dramas must be able to distinguish reality from faulty dreams. It is okay to hope to become rich, or wish for a handsome and intelligent spouse, as long as you are willing to work to achieve these attributes. Nothing comes without payment.
Become a person working and constantly trying for the attainment of the goals instead of simply envying others or expecting for them to take place without any effort. If this cannot be done, then just sit back and watch dramas for entertainment, but do not expect them to happen.

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