Newly renovated Ewha Welcome Center opens up once again
Newly renovated Ewha Welcome Center opens up once again
  • Park Kyoung-eun
  • 승인 2015.02.26 13:27
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Ewha Welcome Center, the first university promotion center, underwent the renewal process from Dec. 8 to Dec. 31 of 2014 and reopened on Jan. 5. Photo provided by Ewha Welcome Center.
Ewha Welcome Center reopened on Jan. 5 after its renovation for one month.
Opened in May 2013, Ewha Welcome Center is the university’s first public promotion and information facility on campus. .
After remodeling, Ewha Welcome Center is now complete with outside facilities installation, expanded rest area, Chinese language service and campus tour guidelines. Some improvements have also been made in response to reflect Ewha students’ comments on the center.
Popular Ewha souvenirs are displayed on new shelves outside of the first floor. Two 70-inch monitors were installed on the top of the entrance as well. The monitors show two videos that introduce Ewha and Ewha Welcome Center, respectively. There have been constant comments that the center is not easily spotted by visitors, as the center is located underground. The improvement has made it possible for visitors to easily recognize Ewha Welcome Center.
The center provides a large rest place where both visitors and Ewha students can relax. This change was made in respond to students’ complaints that Ewha Welcome Center only performs as a center for visitors, not a place for Ewha students.
The center also includes Chinese translations for Chinese visitors on several exhibits relating to Ewha’s history and its expanding roles in the world. According to Ewha Welcome Center, the number of Chinese visitors in February 2015 increased by 290 percent compared to the same month of previous year.
The center also provides more systematic and strict guidelines regarding campus tours. The instruction for visitors now has detailed tour routes on campus. This change has been made due to students’ complaint that the center cannot effectively control outside visitors.
Most students welcome the  fact that the renewed center had considered the types of common visitors.
“As the majority of visitors are Chinese, it is definitely a good idea to provide Chinese instructions,” Song Ji-won (Chinese, 2) said. “Also, providing guidelines would definitely prevent visitors from entering classrooms in the middle of classes.”
Communications expects for Ewha Welcome Center to be a place for both Ewha students and outside visitors.
“We hope that Ewha Welcome Center will become a place where it can promote Ewha’s value and provide places for Ewha students to visit and rest,” said an official of Communications, who wishes to remain anonymous.

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