Lecture Room Keepers endeavor to maintain pleasant classroom environment on Ewha campus
Lecture Room Keepers endeavor to maintain pleasant classroom environment on Ewha campus
  • Yoon Hye-joon
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In the beginning of the 2014 spring semester, Property Management launched Lecture Room Keepers, students who manage lecture room facilities, to provide pleasant classroom environment on campus. The activities of Lecture Room Keepers have been continuing for almost one year, and the Keepers are serving the role of inspecting classrooms on campus.
The Keepers consist of a total of 15 students and the students work for one semester continuing on to summer or winter semester. The student Keepers manage classrooms once a day, usually in the morning. Their jobs mainly include cleaning the boards, bringing chalks or markers, turning off the lights, organizing desks and checking electronic lecture desks. Currently, the rooms in Ewha Campus Complex (ECC), Hak-gwan, Ewha-POSCO Building and Human Ecology Building are looked over by these Keepers, as these buildings usually have more lectures than other buildings. The Keepers manage about eight classrooms per person and they receive working scholarship from school for compensation of their work.
While performing their roles to improve classroom environment, Lecture Room Keepers sometimes experience a hard time.
“It barely happens but some professors who have class on first period often come really early in the morning and do not allow me to check the classroom,” said Kim Do-yeon (Mathematics, 3), one of the Lecture Room Keepers. “Every time they deny me from checking facilities and show that they do not understand my job, I do not know what to do. Because I have to complete inspection before first period starts”
Despite their hard work, some Ewha students and professors are unfamiliar with Keeper’s role. Since the Keepers inspect the classroom early in the morning when students are not present, it is natural for students and professors to not notice them.
Even though not many students may acknowledge them, by doing lecture room keeping activities for a year, Keepers feel proud that they help classes run smoothly with their assistance.
“Although, it is quite a tough job to do, I am really pleased when I find out problems and fix them before class starts” said Lee Ha-lim (Life Sciences, 4), a student working as a Lecture Room Keeper.
According to Property Management, they also recognize the Keeper’s role, commenting that due to their activities, the number of calls for malfunctioning of class facilities reduced significantly.
“Actually, a great number of calls asking help for broken class facilities has been reduced,” said Lee So-ra, an official from Property Management. “Although it is not certain, we have plans to recruit more Lecture Room Keepers for next spring semester and expand their service to other buildings.”

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