It has indeed been crazy ride, Ewha Voice
It has indeed been crazy ride, Ewha Voice
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Revelation of the top split second decision in college: the moment I decided to print my application out in the midst of fighting for seconds to get to my second period class. That flash of instant was probably the most revolutionary, life changing, whether it be good or bad (let’s be frank), choice of my life. Malcolm Gladwell’s words in Blink, that split second decision can turn your life around, has never felt truer. My life was about to change.
Ewha Voice was nothing like what I had imagined. Soon enough, I confronted three shocks. Having had limted knowledge about the newspaper, let alone what reporters do, the place I imagined to be solely for writing was in fact one for reporting which involved scrupulous information gathering and delivering facts to other students – first shock. As a girl who had a relatively relaxed, carefree mind, the seniors’ advice to “open your eyes and ears to everything happening around school” was nearly impossible at first – shock number two. Billions – at least I felt that way – daily deadlines that haunted and beat “tick tick!” in my head was, well, beyond stress; it was simply monstrous! – shock three.
There has never been and shall never be another place where I experience such a wide spectrum of emotions at most frequent variance. At times when the scale tilted to the extreme negative. The stiff sunbae, seniors, and hubae, younger members order and their according roles and demeanor was a challenge for someone who had called neighbors even teachers by their first names. Other times, rewarding, blissful moments were also present. Most thankful of all, Ewha Voice provided a sense of belonging and motivation.
During the journey of Ewha Voice I at times felt like screaming my head off at the top of the mountains and other times savoring marshmellows dipped in rich chocolate. One thing is certain. Through the three years, more than half of my college years working as a reporter in Ewha Voice, I learned things that will always live with me years ahead.
I thank Ewha Voice for being a place of growth and maturation as an adult and reporter. I also thank Ewha Voice for gifting me with valuable friends and memories. I hope that someday I can return what it has provided.

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