Behind stories of 60th Homecoming Day
Behind stories of 60th Homecoming Day
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“I now declare the end of 60th Homecoming Day of Ewha Voice.” As soon as I spoke out the words, numerous memories during the last couple of months were brought back in rapid succession. Most of them were harsh and painstaking, for I spent most of my time organizing this two-hour-event and the whole process has never been easy.
None of the plans that I made went smoothly like I had thought. There were too much responsibilities and works to be done in a limited amount of time. The risk of ruining the most important event of Ewha Voice haunted me, which even resulted in some gruesome nightmares.
Ever since I was a cub reporter, the word “Homecoming” always followed me and my colleagues, as we would become the main members who must prepare the 60th anniversary celebration of   Ewha Voice.
Once, I had the opportunity to visit the Ewha Campus Complex (ECC) Theater during my freshmen years. The place was well-made and seemed very sophisticated, which made me thought, “It would be a nice venue for Ewha Voice Homecoming.” I never thought I would actually hold the event after three years in the ECC Theater as the editor-in-chief.
As the saying “Man proposes, God disposes,” goes, I truly did everything I could for this 60th celebration of Ewha Voice.
I came to school every day after work and spent hours to look through newspapers and photos. I still vividly remember the breeze of cold air at night after I hurried my way to get out of the ECC before it closesd at midnight. At that time, the pressure and burden which I could not share with anyone weighed me down.
All of these endeavors paid off on the day of the event. I cannot even remember how many Ewha Voice alumni and professors who attended the celebration held my hands and said, “You really did an excellent job.” It was especially meaningful when the former editor-in-chief, whom I had always admired, said she was proud of me for organizing such a perfect Homecoming Day.
On my way home, I felt a sense of accomplishment and finally realized that it has been a foremost honor for me to be in charge of this significant event. I also thank my colleagues and the reporters of Ewha Voice for putting their best effort in organizing the Homecoming Day. Once again, I learned the importance of teamwork and harmony in life. Well done! 

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