SGA demands improvement on school cafeteria facilities
SGA demands improvement on school cafeteria facilities
  • Lee Jae-lim
  • 승인 2014.11.16 14:14
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Synergy Ewha organized a movement to improve the facilities of the school cafeteria during October for students' welfare. Photo provided by Synergy Ewha.
The 46th Student Government Association (SGA), Synergy Ewha held a cafeteria facility improvement movement during October.
The SGA implemented the movement by hosting various activities such as carrying out surveys asking questions about the cafeteria – collecting opinions of 390 people – pinning satisfaction and dissatisfaction flags, comparing pictures of the conditions of other school cafeterias along with holding a consulting table with the university.
The Office of Financial Affairs, Office of Student Affairs, and SGA held a meeting in response to the movement. After the meeting, it has been decided that SGA would continue to demand reform of the Shinsegae food court and if there are no notable changes made, it would consider changing the food enterprise.
Moreover, for continuous improvement of the school cafeteria, there will be reinforcement of the monitoring activity such as enlarging the numbers of monitoring student members and holding an online or offline report and feedback.
The school also considers dividing partitions of the unused space in the cafeteria as many students also study and work on team projects in the area. The lights and popular menu distribution holders will be re-installed during the winter break.
“SGA started this movement as it was one of the 10 promises we made from the start of our term,” said Kang Da-young (Social Studies edcation, 3), the vice president of the SGA. “In the first half of the semester we focused on more serious pledges such as reducing tuition fee, scholarships, division of classes  and space. In the second semester we moved on to keep our promises related to welfare of the school, and since the poor facility of the school cafeteria has been a chronic problem voiced by many students, we decided to start the reform by hosting the movement.”
Although Synergy Ewha’s term will end in Nov. 31, Kang believes that the next SGA will also continue to improve the cafeteria.
“Although there are many problems yet to be solved to improve the conditions of school cafeteria, such as getting rid of the wax smell, I believe we led off a good start,” Kang said. “I truly hope that the next president will also continue to improve the facility of the school cafeteria until the students are finally satisfied that their demands have been fulfilled.”

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