Charming Life in Martin Luther University Halle
Charming Life in Martin Luther University Halle
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Vodafone event was held at one of MLU's main campuses. Photo provided by Flix Schickel.

Twenty thousands of students, 5,000 staff members and professors, nine faculties and numerous of campuses which each has its one unique charm. This builds the base for the future of higher education.
The Martin Luther University was founded in 1892 as a meger of the prestigious Universities of Halle (founded in 1691) and Wittenberg (founded in 1502) and named after the protestant reformer Martin Luther, who was as well, as many other notable personalities over the time, a professor at the University.
Past is past, the future is now, the MLU tries always to keep up with the fast growing and always changing circumstances in this world, that is why many international professors come over and educate the young alumni to their best of abilities. Moreover, professors are always there for you if you have any questions during class or after. The active participation in class is encouraged by many professors and has more or less created an interactive class room. Also, if you happen to be absent for whatever possible reason you don’t need to worry about a thing, a large variety of classes are filmed and later on uploaded for the students to use at their disposal.
The main campus is located directly in the middle of the city and is easily reachable by the subway or foot. The cafeterias, libraries, malls, cafes and everything else that a student needs to make his or her university life the best experience is just one little step away.
If you like to take in more of this historic city, grab a bike and ride along the Saale River which crosses right through the middle of the city and is as well surrounded by parks and old castles, nice restaurants and neat little stores.
In the case of extra activities, the MLU is offering a huge variety of clubs for you to join at the beginning of the year. Its variety goes from diving, free climbing, martial arts, hip pop and classical dance to a Professional Stock Exchange club.
So, basically you have everything available that your heart desires. If you happen to be more interested in other countries or if you are a foreigner and like to socialise to better understand other cultures, than AIESEC or ASI are your best chance to do so. Both offer integration into the local society, help out with problems that come along and hold meetings and events in nearby pubs or even other cities.
Due to my studies in International Business and Economics, and the fact that it is held entirely in English, I can interact daily with international students from everywhere around the globe and it gives me somewhat of a feeling that I don’t belong just to one country but that the world is my home. This great combination, has helped me to apply for a semester abroad in Korea, to be more precise it led me all the way to Ewha. A place where international expertise meets the creative minds of female leaders of tomorrow.  And I am really glad to be part of this university, in addition to that; with the help of the Peace Buddies and all the others that I have met so far I believe that at the end of my stay I can proudly say I AM an EWHAIAN.

*Felix Schickel (International Bachelor of Business & Economics, 3) studies at Ewha as an exchange student.

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