Poor management on department homepages troubles students
Poor management on department homepages troubles students
  • Yoon Hye-joon
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Technical problems drag homepage updates
The banner that links to other websites is blocked due to the enormous size of the graphic image.

Shin Na-ri (Chinese, 2) recently had difficulties getting information about Chinese major student clubs when she visited the Chinese major Web site. The page introducing student clubs was supposed to be linked to another sites but there were no sites linked. She had no choice but to ask her friends about the student clubs.
“I was planning to participate in a new club related to my major,” Shin said. “But I couldn’t get any satisfying information due to wrong links and outdated information on the homepage.”
Even though the hompages of majors are the main medium that students receive information regarding the departments, it turned out that many of them are poorly managed. The most common problem is that the homepages are not updated often. Except for notice board, many other boards are outdated so that information posted on these boards remained in mostly 2008 or 2009. Photo sections are one of the parts that have been managed poorly. Some Web sites do not have even one photo on the album. Furthermore, graphic images are not fit into the frame so that letters are overlapped or log-in boxes are out of the given form. Moreover, few homepages are offering information via links, and several of them are not even linked correctly.
Among homepages of 54 majors, about 33 homepages are only managing their notice board. Homepages of Physics Education, Chemistry Education, Biology Education and Earth Science Education have failed to post regular notice.
All homepages of Ewha’s each major are managed by each major’s Teaching Assistant (T.A). They normally take care of notice boards or Q&A boards but do not take care of other categories. T.As claimed that students’ indifference toward the homepage compels them not to update the information more often.
“I know I only post articles on notice board or Q&A board,” said Han Gyeong-min, the History T.A. “The reason why we don’t update other information is that students do not visit the homepage often. So we thought updating every bit of information on the Web site is unnecessary. ”

Plus, T.A.s are not properly informed about updating other categories in homepage from their previous T.A.s when they took over the job.
“Other than managing the notice board, I didn't receive any information regarding other categories of homepage,” said Science Education T.A., who wishes stay anonymous. “So I didn't know that is my duty to manage update all the information on the Web site.”
There are also some technical problems in managing the homepages. Since some of the homepage features such as history or introduction page consist of graphic images, it is hard for T.A.s to update each page.
Due to outdated information of Web sites, some students experienced uncomfortable situation.
“I was trying to get information about my future career at Web site,” Choi Ha-eun (Philosophy, 2) said. “However, I was so disappointed when I visit the site. I couldn’t find anything related to philosophy majors’ future career such as alumni’s story and so on.”
“There has been a minor problem  in managing the pages from the first place,” said Park Ji-yoon, Political Science & International Relations T.A. “Due to technical problems, I cannot correct outdated history.”
Other than homepage updating problems, majors like Computer Science & Engineering, Journalism, Television & Film and Advertising & Public Relations are dropped out of the Ewha's main homepage list. Also, some majors are written in previous name in the list such as Life Sciences for Biology, Chemistry & Nano Science for Chemistry and Electronics Engineering for Information Communications.
According to T.A.s, the school plans to fix the problems in the Web site to reduce inconvinience.

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