Bokjimap enhances living welfare of university students
Bokjimap enhances living welfare of university students
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Members of Bokjimap act to to promote services pertaining to university students' living welfare.
Two of the most necessary fields of welfare for contemporary university students are education and medical service. Yet, such demands are not easily sufficed due to the lack of welfare policies. To alleviate university students’ financial burdens, Bokjimap cooperates with official academic and medical centers to offer services at an affordable price.
As an IT Solution which strives for further well-being of the youth, Bokjimap endeavors to provide adequate information and advantages relating to welfare issues for university students. Bokjimap is basically divided into educational and medical categories and is subdivided into detailed categories such as “certificates” and “language” or “dentist” and “ophthalmic.”
Bokjimap’s 11 founders who all come from a large-enterprise background gathered to reform university students’ inevitable heavy spending. The members actually visited renowned academies and hospitals to persuade them to reserve the excess advertisement fees spent for the welfare of university students.
“University students these days are much too burdened by employment preparation, exams and self development,” said Song Yong-beom, the CEO of Bokjimap. “The advertisement payment of hospitals and educational organizations spend only fulfills the needs of the advertisement medium. Our purpose is to make such spending efficient and return privileges to students.”
Bokjimap lessens students’ load on financial issues and simultaneously provides requisite information on services in an organized manner. It provides online and offline cooperative organizations that offer students lectures with a discounted price.
When Bokjimap was first released in June, many student government associations of diverse schools rejected to cooperate with it due to the prevalence of business-motivated outer enterprises. However, through universities such as Hankuk University of Foreign Studies and Chung-Ang University, Bokjimap was able to promote itself on university communities, acquiring the effect of a broader provision of life-adhesive services.
“We request support from medical or educational organizations and receive episodes of personal hardships from students who are desperately in need to study or go to hospitals but are not in the adequate circumstances,” Song said. “Through June to August, we supported about 100 students on their education, free of charge.”
Bokjimap plans to continue on with expanding welfare for university students, especially of higher quality through investigating specific services.
“Our goal is to distribute appropriate services to students after a thorough examination of services provided by proper educational and medical enterprises,” Song said.

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