Be free of your personas
Be free of your personas
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We live in an uncertain world faced with inconsistencies, contradictions, and challenges that constantly test us and our identities. To adapt to these various situations, we often invent numerous personas. In our workplaces, schools, and even homes we must act in different ways to match the given context. Some situations call for forced sternness, others for compassion and generosity. As much as assuming these masks and hiding our true identity may seem deceptive and confusing, maintaining appropriate personas is crucial to fit in and ultimately to survive in society.
The problem arises when one becomes so consumed by the various personas that one’s true self gets lost. When one becomes a captive of personas, their claws will make one internally bleed, scarred and torn into pieces. Not one minute is wasted without the tyrannical, frightening voice that haunts and beats “don’t do that, do this instead,” “you are supposed to act this and that way.” The vicious inner conflict between the need to maintain a certain character and be oneself continues endlessly. Once engrossed and submerged in the specious value-contained persona, one murders true happiness.
From one point in life, I started making prototypes of myself as a daughter, friend, and senior. Seniors must be unapproachable superiors. Friends should always be on one another's side. Any other traits seemed to be out of my persona- zone.
Over the course of three years in college, however, such idea shattered. As I witnessed proactive students with gentle, approachable leadership and friends who at times critically point out one another's flaws for the betterment, I realized that there is no fixed persona a person must tie himself or herself to. The act of adherence, in fact, only chains one and takes away the true happiness.
Wearing the mask of persona is much needed in today's society, but do not be too engrossed by it, to a point where you are afraid to take the mask off. Polish the bare countenance underneath by making efforts to mature and become a better individual by reading books and studying. When you have reached the state  of satisfaction, you will no longer be captivated by personas.

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