Thoughts on hot summer evening
Thoughts on hot summer evening
  • Kim Joo-hee
  • 승인 2014.06.08 14:08
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Kim Joo-hee
Feeling the sunlight shine on my back, walking out of the cinema gave a scent of satisfaction that this is my life.
These few weeks have been a challenge for me, for I had so much work to do and no time of my own. I even stayed up all night to study and work, which I’ve never did even during the high school days.
To wrap up all those hard times today, I went to a cinema, bought a popcorn and watched a movie all by myself. Going to a cinema with close friends is fun and also enjoyable in a way. Therefore, some might even say watching a movie, especially in the cinema, by yourself is a weird and lonely experience. However watching a movie by yourself gives you different but also an enjoyable ecstasy others cannot give.
Especially cinema is a perfect place for people who wish to have a time of their own. You can feel that suitable distance between you and others.
Some might question the reason why we need a time of our own when we can just be more joyful and entertained spending time with our friends and loved ones.
However as many people said throughout the history, time for oneself is truly the most important factor to live a happy life. Having a decent time of your own means having a time to be your true self.
You can never be your true self even though you try to be one in front of others, because it is a given fact that we are bond to respond to one’s reaction and that leads us to forming different kinds of characteristics in front of different people.
Consequently, the time that we can be our true self is when we are truly alone. If we don’t have a time of our own, we start to forget what we were truly like.
And this leads to a total disaster, because it means that we only know ourselves as our masks. Not knowing who we truly are make us impossible to love our true self and consequently leading to low self-regard. Loving oneself makes one’s life encouraging and full of positive energy, making you believe that everything is possible and this kind of energy leads to a more exciting and a happy life.
Spring is far gone and mid-summer is approaching. Finally the end of the semester is right behind the corner and we have our summer vacation in front of us.
We are dreaming of a love strong and even magical as the love pictured in Shakespeare’s play A Midsummer night’s dream. We want to achieve our dreams as every man on earth looked up the stars.
Summer is a perfect time for enjoying one’s life and hanging around with friends to the beach and river. However it is also a perfect time to go on a courageous adventure, or read books and look into what we have left behind.
Plus, I believe it is also a perfect time to go on a journey to find who we truly are. I believe that it is a thing worth journeying as a freshman and think that many others would also agree for it would allow our life to be filled with rich and beautiful future ahead of us.

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