Raonzena carves innovative pathway into the beauty market
Raonzena carves innovative pathway into the beauty market
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Photo by Kahng Sun-woo.
A day begins when you have no plans for the day except taking classes. You sleep a little late than usual but come to classes on time as you do not put on your make-up, which is a time-consuming and meticulous process. Suddenly, your friends call and ask you to hang out with them. You want to go, but you have no make-up on.
Ewha students who noticed this inconvenience decided to turn the situation around by inventing an item that would solve all the worries above.
Team Raonzena, a pure Korean word which means “We are happy,” received the Grand Prize in the Challenge Campus CEO final competition. Everything started to take place when Seo Hyun-ju (Clothing & Textiles, 4), Lee Eun-seo (Philosophy, 4), Chung So-im (Consumer Studies, 3) and Cheong Ji-young (Nursing Science, 3) formed a group for a team project for their “Campus CEO” class.
“We formed a team and came up with items that had the potential in the consumer market,” Lee said. “Our item, the ‘MAGIKIT,’ won the first place in our class and was recommended to enter the Challenge Campus CEO final competition, which selects students from various universities and determines the best potential business item among all.
Each team presented their PowerPoint Presentation about their products, appealing it as best as they can to win the hearts of the judges.
Team Raonzena’s product, the MAGIKIT, is a disposable make-up tool that contains all the necessary make-up products such as BB cream, eye shadow, lip gloss and more in one single stick. Despite the members’ contributions and efforts, they did not expect to receive the grand prize, since all of them were amateurs.
“Although we knew that our kit was brilliant, we were ever so surprised when we won the first place,” Lee said. “I started off so naïve and so inexperienced about everything. However, as our item began to win prizes, met and sought advice from many helpful professionals, my uncertainty turned into motivation – The process encouraged me and my teammates to strive for the best.”
Raonzena wishes not to cease its pursuit but plans for further accomplishments.
“If our MAGIKIT turns into a must-have item that starts a new trend in the make-up area, we are also contemplating over the possibilities of creating a beauty kit for men, and diversify the parts of the MAGIKIT so people may choose the color of eye shadows or lipsticks, assembling their very own MAGIKIT,” Chung said.
Both Lee and Chung are full of hope about the future.  Lee, who will soon graduate, plans to continue her studies in graduate school while simultaneously working as a member of Raonzena.
“We want the MAGIKIT to be the item that is truly useful for the students,” Lee and Chung said. “It will be affordable, convenient, and last but not least, guarantee the quality of the make-ups although it is a disposable product. We sincerely hope that our item can be widely spread to help those in need.”
Avoiding or hesitating to start a startup a business is a typical response among contemporary collegians because of its risks of failure. However, Lee and Chung encourage students at Ewha to actively seek the chances and augment their vigor.
“Students normally have the interest but not the confidence to pursue and challenge their dreams because of the limits from their status as a student,” Chung said. “However, students should realize that they can always ask for help through counseling from professionals who are ready to help them take a step forward towards their dreams.”

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