Conditions for double majors and minors changed from next semester
Conditions for double majors and minors changed from next semester
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Office of Faculty and Academic Affairs (OFAA) announced alterations in the conditions for choosing double majors and minors. The modified conditions will be applied from the second semester.
The changed conditions are applied to sociology, department of dance and all the other majors which belong to the College of Music. The subjects were chosen because OFAA received requests from the departments to allow them to alter the limits on minoring and double majoring in the subjects.
“Sociology, along with department of dance and the other majors of the College of Music decided that they should change the conditions for double majoring and minoring so that they can meet the needs and wants of Ewha students,” OFAA said. “By easing and tightening the conditions, the departments that asked for alteration this semester were able to promote themselves or guide the students on what they should do.”
The previous requirements for choosing sociology as the double major or minor have changed as well. Students had to maintain GPA of 1.60 or higher to double major or minor in sociology in the past. However, when the new conditions are applied, there will be no limits in both double majoring and minoring in sociology. Department of dance will no longer accept students who wish to double major in dance. Since most of the enrolled students already have experiences of more than 10 years of dance performance, the department worries that the students who newly choose department of dance as double major would not be able to follow the lessons of high techniques within a short period of time. Besides, the department is also concerned that the students’ safety cannot be guaranteed from the lessons. The entire professors of department of dance went through a meeting in the process of making ultimate decision.
“The professors thought that the students double majoring in dance may decline the quality of the lessons, so they decided not to accept double majors anymore,” OFAA said. “But students who wish to minor in dance are still allowed to do so.”

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