Ewha secures students’ safety through fire safety education
Ewha secures students’ safety through fire safety education
  • Lee Jae-lim
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Ewha held a safety education for Ewha students, professors and staff members in the occurrence of fire from May 26 to 29.
After the tragic incident of the Sewol ferry and the recent breakout of fire on the subway, the Office of General Affairs (OGA) concluded that the safety education on fire is a necessary courtesy for the protection of Ewha students.
Education in the form of actual fire drill for the students living in the dormitory was held on May 26. Ewha students who are members of school clubs and student councils took part in the education on May 27, and staff members participated on May 28.
The education was conducted according to the fire precaution manual, which consisted of how to act in the outbreak of fire, what to do after evacuation and what the students should be aware of in case of fire. Students and staffs were also taught on how to use fire extinguishers. 
“My first thought about the mandatory fire drill was that how unnecessary all this is because I thought I could manage to look after myself even in cases of fire,” Kim Jeong-joo (Liberal Arts, 1) said. “However, after the drill, I was glad that it was mandatory because I realized when the actual accident happens, I would panic and would not know what to do. I especially thought it was useful to know the locations of evacuation shelter and emergency exits that I would not have known without the education.”
OGA planned the safety education with hopes that students can actively take part in learning about how to handle the emergent situation in cases of fire.  
“We hope that through this education, students become aware of the safety issues related to fire, and be ready in any case of fire emergencies so that their safety can be guaranteed,” said Lee Jea-hang, an official of the OGA. “We also wish that students would realize each individual’s trivial acts can lead to dire consequences so that they can be always careful and try to prevent those accidents from happening in the first place.”
Professors and faculty members’ safety education will be held separately on June 11. 

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