International Foundation for Ewha Womans University visits Ewha
International Foundation for Ewha Womans University visits Ewha
  • Yoo Woo-jeong
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Photo provided by IFEWU.
Officials of International Foundation for Ewha Womans University (IFEWU) visited Ewha Womans University on May 29 to commemorate Ewha’s 128th anniversary.
IFEWU was founded in New York on April 15, 1970 with the help of Ewha alumni and donors. With Dr. Peggy Billings inaugurated as the first president, the foundation continued its efforts to develop Ewha as an international, prominent university. IFEWU has been supporting Ewha in various ways, such as providing wide-range scholarships, funding scientific research and supplying educational instruments.
IFEWU has been supporting Ewha with more than 10 million dollars’ worth of donation for the past 40 years.
“IFEWU has been in a very close relationship with Ewha throughout the history,” said Bishop Sharon Z. Rader, the president of IFEWU.  “Not only do we gather fund for scholarships but also IFEWU plays an important role in connecting the Ewha alumni, the school and other related people in North America. Through this network we can set on various projects and receive substantial support from the alumni and donors.”
IFEWU officials arrived at Ewha on May 29 and attended various events.
The officials went on a campus tour, met with scholarship students and visited Ewha Archives. In the evening, IFEWU officials and president Kim met for dinner on campus.
On the next day they attended the commemoration ceremony and met president Kim for luncheon.
“Last time I visited Ewha, the construction of the ECC was just starting,” IFEWU president Rader said. “I was totally amazed by how much the school has changed and improved during the last couple of years. The commemoration ceremony was so precisely done, well organized, and the dinner with president Kim and faculties was very pleasant.”
The support and sponsor of IFEWU contributed greatly to the development of Ewha Womans University. IFEWU aims to continue its efforts to provide various academic support to Ewha.
“Our goal is to keep growing and expanding the fund so we can provide a wider-range scholarship to more students,” IFEWU president Rader said. “So one day, the students who benefited from the scholarship can grow and help other women who need a hand for their education.” 

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