Ewha holds 128th Anniversary Ceremony
Ewha holds 128th Anniversary Ceremony
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Ewha held its 128th annual anniversary ceremony at the Welch-Ryang Auditorium on May 30.
University faculty and important guests participated in the ceremony. President Kim Sun-uk and Ewha Hakdang’s chairperson Chang Myong-sue were also present to congratulate the event. The ceremony progressed with the Academic Reward, the Official Commendations and Ewha Orchestra’s performance. The ceremony began with a prayer by the University Chaplain Yang Myung-su (Christian Studies) and was followed by the opening oration given by president Kim Sun-uk.
“The reason Ewha is marked as the world’s biggest and best women’s university is because of the school’s hard work to fulfilling social responsibility not the eagerness to gain honor or reputation,” said president Kim. “Ewha is making changes that will become the school’s cornerstone to opening a new future vision.”
One contributor to such changes is professor Cho Yong-seung (Mathematics) who was awarded this year’s Academic Reward at the ceremony for his remarkable contribution in the field of mathematics. He has contributed greatly to the development of Korea’s modern mathematics and demonstrated the excellence of Ewha.
Along with Cho there were 171 faculty members who were also awarded the Official Commendations for their contribution through working at Ewha for 10, 20 and 30 years, respectively. The Ewha Womans University Alumni Association’s Homecoming Day was also held to commemorate the 128 year history of Ewha Womans University after the Anniversary Ceremony ended.

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