Literature, perpetual companion in life
Literature, perpetual companion in life
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I made a new friend. She is calm, accepting and patient. I turn to her when I am down, and she never fails to comfort and soothe me by telling me stories, some impressive tales just like one my 5th grade teacher told us about a timid elementary school girl turning miraculously into a confident, leader-type student in middle school.
I did not expect her stories to affect me in any way, but I feel the subtle and peculiar impact ever so strongly. Strange, but the stories of others revitalize and refresh me in a way that no one and nothing I do can.
Scrutinizing words, lines, and pages of books, I find a true haven, sometimes even a sanctuary. Ever since I realized that humans are inevitably alone, that others do not live for us, which I must admit was not too long ago, an iceberg settled inside and pressed against my mind. I felt detached, lost and confused. What was the meaning of life? What is the meaning of my friends and family? And most importantly, how should I live to help myself and others? That is when I turned to my dear friend, literature. Somehow, I trusted her deeply. She seemed to know all the answers I desperately sought.
One story that particularly moved me was a story about a boy who is paralyzed and a girl who takes care of him. One might expect her to be a professional caregiver working for money. On the contrary, she is an ordinary 26 year old. She faces problems of her own, with her entire family financially dependent on her and her boyfriend neglecting her for his obsession, running. Embodying true selflessness, the girl puts off her own worries to help another person to the best of her ability.
Reading the story, I realized how I should live. Life challenges us with obstacles that pain us in various ways. In some respects we certainly are alone, since no one else can ever fully comprehend and understand the inner workings of our minds. But, we must remember that we also live as a community, helping and sharing as much as we can. We must remember that we are all in this life together. We must leave room for others to rest, provide the most we can, and be there for others no matter how much trouble we are going through. It is essential to have space for others to rest, find peace, and by doing so help them get back to live, relish life to its fullest.
When you feel lonely, hurt in life, turn to books, your perpetual companion in life, and bask in the secrets and wisdom they offer you.

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