SMG announces plan to protect part-time working environment
SMG announces plan to protect part-time working environment
  • Lee Yoon-soo, Yoo Woo-jeong
  • 승인 2014.05.11 13:24
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Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) announced “Plan for Protection of Right and Improvement of Working Environment for Young Part-timers” on April 10. The plan is designed to improve the overall working condition of youth part-time jobs in Seoul and protect any illegal violation of Labor Standards Law.
SMG conducted a survey for three months from last October investigating the working condition of 1,511 places around Hongik University, Konkuk University and Seoul National University where youth part-timers are concentrated.
Numerous problems were found through the investigation. According to the survey, more than half of students working as part-timers are not getting overtime payment.
Specifically, 56.2 percent of the respondents said they are not receiving proper overtime pay. The percentage even increased to 70.8 and 67.7 percent respectively for those who work at PC rooms, where people use computers with an hourly fee and convenience stores where overtime work is particularly common.
The survey also showed that more than half of part-timers are not guaranteed break-time. The average time for eating and taking a break was 47.8 and 27.6 minutes respectively. Those who do not even get time to eat and take a break amounted to 50.2 and 49.8 percent respectively. In addition, only 52.3 percent abided to delivering a written contract which is obligated by the Labor Standards Law.
About one-tenth of the respondents answered that they suffer from employers who frequently delay payment.
“I did not even write a contract with my employer,” said Yeo Seung-eun (Media Studies, 2), talking of her part-time work at a private academy. “Also, I was not paid for extra hours I spent at the academy.”
Average service period of young part-timers was 10.6 months. To be more specific, short-term service of shorter than three months accounted for 26.1 percent, whereas working of more than a year amounted to 28.7 percent. As such, young part-timers, mostly university students, are now confronting not only a meager payment but also overall harsh working conditions.
Facing these problems, SMG set out to take actions to support the young part-timers of Seoul. First of all, SMG designated the area around Hongdae and Sinchon where young part-timers are concentrated as “Good Village for Part-timers.”
By designating this specific district, SMG plans to encourage campaign to sign an employment contract, issue a pay slip, give a paid-holiday allowance and so on. SMG is going to continuously monitor the progress and also provide education on Labor Standards Law for young part-timers and employers.
Another project planned is “Campaign for Part-timers-friendly Business.” Last September, SMG signed a “Mutual Agreement for Protection of Young Part-timer’s Rights” with five companies as followed: BR Korea, Lotteria, Caffebene, Paris Croissant, and Korea Seven. The campaign will be pushed forward with the assistance of these companies.
There are various projects planned to further improve the working condition of youth part-timers. SMG plans to install “Center for Protection of Young Part-timer’s Rights” furnished with experts in the field of labor right, so that it can take effect as the primary advocate for part-time workers protection policy.
Also “Care Na-num Volunteer” of Seoul Medical Center plans to continue its free check-up service for part-timers who are excluded from the general check-up service.

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