Ewha holds 2014 Counseling Fair to celebrate 128th anniversary
Ewha holds 2014 Counseling Fair to celebrate 128th anniversary
  • Ahn In-kyeong
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Ewha is holding the 2014 Mental Health Counseling Fair titled “Comma of my mind, Mind fitness” in order to celebrate Ewha’s 128th anniversary from May 12 to 13 at the Multipurpose Hall in the Ewha Campus Complex.
The fair will be held by Student Counseling Center of Student Service Center under two themes: caring and healing.
“Most Ewha students are very busy and exhausted preparing and competing for their future,” said Lee Eun-jin, a researcher and psychologist at Student Counseling Center. “Also, the whole society is in bad situation caused by continuing suicides and Sewol ferry incident. We thought there is a need to do something for the students’ mental health, something students can stop by, take a rest and get healed.”
Various programs will take place at the fair along with photo race, healing and beautiful photo exhibition displayed by Ewha’s photography club. Activities include awakening body and soul by motion, healing mind by aroma, understanding oneself through painting, understanding the mind through colors, controlling stress and learning self-defense martial art.
In addition, there will be an opportunity to have one-on-one psychological examination with professional counseling psychologist. Students will have psychological analysis through storytelling.
Students invited from Dongguk University will also join the fair and share lectures on dating violence.
“The most important thing for students is mental and physical safety,” Lee said. “For Ewha students who will grow up as 21 century leaders, solid and sound mentality is necessary. Future leaders will be the moral ones who know how to share within the community.”

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