Ewha and Solvay progresses joint research
Ewha and Solvay progresses joint research
  • Park Kyoung-eun
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Ewha and Solvay agree on conducting a joint reserach on futuristic metal air battery. Photo provided by Communications.
Ewha Womans University and Solvay agreed to progress a joint research on futuristic metal air battery at the agreement ceremony held at Main Hall on April 14.
Professor Choy Jin-ho (Chemistry & Nano Science), a director of the joint research; research participants professors Kim Dong-ha (Chemistry & Nano Science) and Shul Yong-gun (Yonsei University), Rodrigo Elizondo, a CEO of Solvay Korea and Pascal Metivier, a Solvay R&I Asia-Pacific director participated  in the event.
According to the agreement, Ewha and Solvay will conduct joint researches for three years with Solvay’s investment of one million euros, which amounts to approximately 150 million won. Ewha and Solvay have been in a close partnership since 2011, the year when Ewha signed an industry cooperation investment agreement with Solvay. The agreement held on April 14 is the 4th joint research to be progressed between Ewha and Solvay.
The joint research will be focused on technology development of zinc metal air battery. Zinc metal air battery is composed of zinc for a negative pole and oxygen for a positive pole and stores high energy, having very low danger of explosion. It is expected to be a next-generation battery that can replace lithium-ion battery. However, it is currently employed only in the fields of medical and communication due to limited power density, and short life span of zinc and lack of a catalyst that has no energy loss are the main barriers of the research. The joint research has a lot of potential in that it can contribute to the further research of applied science.
Directed by professor Choy, the joint research aims to develop a hybrid material with high efficiency and durability, and a high-powered system.If achieved, a smaller power system with increased operation time can be expected, which can be used in wearable power, military weapon system, unmanned transports and electronic vehicles.
“The joint research on futuristic metal air battery will not only lead the field of fusion studies, but also secure industrial property right,” said an official of the University Industry Cooperation Building. “This can be one solution for the absence of alternative energy. Also, through active interactions with Solvay, Ewha will build up a system that can effectively raise competent women scientists aiming for the Nobel Prize.”

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