Documentary Filmmaker Scores Another Hit
Documentary Filmmaker Scores Another Hit
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This coming Sept. 11 marks the third anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, a day that changed America forever. In the wake of the tragedy, U.S. President George W. Bush reached the peak of his popularity and bathed in the support of nearly every American. Now, three years, one war, and many dead soldiers later, the dust has settled and President Bush is preparing for reelection. To reveal another view of George W. Bush, one man has stepped out into the spotlight with a movie that will change America.
With his documentary ?ahrenheit 9/11, author, filmmaker, and political activist Michael Moore has achieved virtual overnight stardom. However, many people have come to define Moore as synonymous with the hit movie, not realizing Moore? own behind-the-scenes story. Behind the sharp humor and fearless criticism, there lies a hidden rocky past that eventually led to success.
Moore? intrepid journey into the field of professional documentary films began with the successful ?oger and Me, an unapologetic attack on General Motors Chairman Roger Smith.
It was not until the fall of 2002 that Moore released the famous ?owling for Columbine, a documentary exposing America? obsession with guns and violence.
Moore? fifth feature, ?ahrenheit 9/11, has become one of the most successful documentary films in history. At first, Disney forced Miramax to pull it out of theaters and this delayed the initial release. Fortunately the movie was purchased by Lion? Gate and IFC, and made nearly 22 million dollars in the first weekend.
Now, the world is waiting in curiosity for the works that will be made next by Michael Moore in the future. Despite the controversies whether or not Moore? films should be published, it is certain that Moore has shown the society the freedom in expressing one? opinion to the public.

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