Ewha holds 2014 Graduate School Fair for undergraduates
Ewha holds 2014 Graduate School Fair for undergraduates
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Ewha Graduate School (EGS) held 2014 Ewha Graduate School Fair on April 8 at Ewha-Samsung Art Hall. The event was organized as one- on-one mentoring sessions to help students have a better understanding of studying in graduate schools.

“There are not a lot of opportunities for students to receive advice from professors,” said Oh Ji-eun, an official from EGS’s Education and Scholarship Department. “This is why many students come asking about a particular professor’s schedule or when they are available. What students really want is to consult with professors about their future.”

The advantage of the fair is that students can receive direct counseling from professors and graduate schools. This semester, a total of 67 general graduate schools, five professional graduate schools and three special graduate schools participated in the fair. Not only were major departments that focus on specialize in certain field such as Business Administration and Sociology departments involved in the event, but also interdisciplinary programs including Bioethics Policy Studies and Behavioral Socioeconomics offered information. This year’s fair was special in that it introduced newly established interdisciplinary programs including the Multicultural Intercultural Studies and the Bio-Information Science program. An increasing number of students is attracted by such programs as the fusion between studies becoming an academic trend for its synergic effects on benefiting the society.

“The fair was a really meaningful event,” Lee Ha-yeon (Physics, 4) said. Lee was just seeking an opportunity to get to know professors out of her major. “I was able to get valuable information through the counseling. One was the fact that by the time I get admitted into graduate school, the donation collected from the alumni of the department of Health Education Graduate School to celebrate its 50th anniversary would be used to expand scholarships. The professor also helped me to have a more vivid vision about my future by providing advice and precedents of seniors.”

Starting this semester, the fair will be held at the beginning of every semester and an increasing number of professors is participating in the event.  Recently, the Graduate School has even started posting announcements on Facebook.

“The school tries to approach students in the most familiar way,” Oh said. “Since last year, we have been using SNS so that more students can be informed of the event.”

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