Library improves online facilities for Ewha students
Library improves online facilities for Ewha students
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Ewha Womans University Library improved various sections of its online facilities after the remodeling in 2013. It launched and provided education for newly developed areas of the library system to Ewha students during March and April.

In addition to regular annual events such as the library stamp tour and the freshmen library tour, the library launched a special event this year called the audien audio book review event, in which students are asked to write a review after listening to any of the audio books provided online. The purpose of this event was to attract Ewha students’ attention to the newly expanded audio book service. The audien audio book was extended in its area by purchasing of 122 new books including genres such as lectures, classics, fiction, economics and business administration.

Furthermore, the library’s e-learning section was updated and broadened as well, in areas such as: civil service exam lectures which include 7th-class and 9th-class civil servant, teacher, fire officer and language lectures which including TOEIC, TEPS, TOEFL, Japanese, Chinese, French, Russian, and so on.

Students welcome such changes and look forward to utilizing the advanced system. “I’ve been planning to take official English tests such as TOEFL, but I faced difficulties in preparing for it alone because it costs so much money,” Kim Jeong-Ju (Liberal Arts, 1) said. “But thankfully, now that the library provides e-learning for that section, I definitely will use the courses to prepare for my examination.”

Yoon Jung-Eun, a staff of the A/V Room, explains that the library tries its best to develop its system reflecting upon Ewha students’ opinions, and says it always seeks to provide the best academic environment for students.

“The improved e-learning service provides lectures for students who specifically want to take civil servant tests or other official tests without having them pay any fees,” Yoon said. “Paying E-learning service provides a wide range of information, and is convenient for students who wish to study broad areas.”

Ewha Womans University Library also upgraded its User Interface (UI) for the convenience of students who use the library’s official Web site. It improved the database and audio book menus, and developed online functions of: author file, frequency of circulation, original work of the file, finding the e-book version and finding other editions.

Regarding such developments, the library launched various information instructions on searching databases such as the OSIRIS, which consists of enterprises’ structural, financial and business data, and the FACTIVA, which provides global media information and business information. Ewha Womans University Library is constantly reaching for more developments and improvements, and wishes to reflect more student opinion in the changes. “We will observe student reactions towards the improvements and cumulate them,” said Kim Su-Hyun, a Reference librarian at the Ewha Womans University Library. “We will base our changes on them whenever the library goes through another wave of developments.”

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