Ewha celebrates opening of University Industry Cooperation Building
Ewha celebrates opening of University Industry Cooperation Building
  • Park Kyoung-eun
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Ewha celebrates opening of University - Industry Cooperation Building on April 2. Photo provided by Communications.

The dedication ceremony of the University Industry Cooperation Building (UICB) was held in front of the UICB on April 2.

The UICB was finished its construction in December 2013. It took two years to complete the construction with financial aid offered from Solvay, the Belgian global chemistry company. Solvay Research and Development (R&D) Center, Korea Basic Science Institute (KBSI) Western Seoul Center, Business Incubator and other facilities are situated in the UICB. Solvay R&D center is the first R&D center from a multinational company established in a Korean university. KBSI center supports joint researches between Ewha and the center.

Selected as a model business incubator specialized in cultural contents in 2012 by the government, Business Incubator offers business incubating programs for prep entrepreneurs.

The ceremony was consisted of three parts; dedication ceremony, reception, facilities introduction, as well as the tape cutting and Donor’s Wall unveiling ceremony. The participants included Ewha president Kim Sun-uk; Yoon Sang-jik, Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy; Roger Kearns, a member of executive committee of Solvay; Belgian ambassadors and congressmen.

President Kim delivered words of greeting, followed by congratulatory speeches from minister Yoon and Kearns.
“The completion of KBSI will set up a base for new fusion research and strengthen industry cooperation of Ewha along with the Ewha Global Top 5 Project,” president Kim said.

Appreciation plaques were awarded to Moon Jin-ho, the CEO of Design Camp Moonpark Dmp Partners and Chung Soo-hyun, the CEO of Hyundai Engineering & Construction. Contribution plaques were awarded to Kim Seung-hwi,  of Design Camp Moonpark Dmp Partners and Kang Tae-gyu, the chief on-site engineer.

In the second part of the ceremony, Ewha Hak-dang’s chairman Yun Hu-jeong congratulated the completion of the UICB and expressed expectation for further cooperation between Ewha and Solvay in the UICB.

“The dedication ceremony of UICB has its special meaning in that UICB will be one of the main infrastructures of ‘Science Ewha’ and a hub of global fusion research network,” said an official of the UICB who wishes to remain anonymous.

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