Ewha Womans University Museum organizes guided tour program for internatio​nal students
Ewha Womans University Museum organizes guided tour program for internatio​nal students
  • Lee Sang-ha
  • 승인 2014.03.16 11:36
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Students participated in the guided tour lok at the Korean tradtional clothes, Hanbok, displayed in the museum. Photo by Chung Yun-jo.

The Ewha Womans University Museum offers guided tour programs for permanent thematic exhibitions. 
The exhibitions for which the guided tour program is provided include “Lives of Women in the Joseon Dynasty,” and “Attire of Joseon Military Officials.” The first program began on March 7.
Through the tour program, students will be given an opportunity to enhance their understanding of Korean culture and art by observing the lives of ancestors from the Joseon dynasty.  
As the guided tour program runs in both Korean and English, international students are also welcome to participate in the program. The program was organized to help Ewha students to be more aware of exhibitions that the museum offers for each semester. 
A maximum of 30 people will participate in the guided tour program led by student docents from the Ewha Womans University Museum.
“In the newly orgranized tour, the main themes are the traditional clothing for women and military officials in Joseon Dynasty,” said Roh Ji-hyun (Korean Painting, 4) who is a docent of Ewha Womans University Museum. “It is a great pleasure to directly satisfy the visitors’ needs of getting to know more about Korean culture.”
As for the English tour, the first one began on March 13. Other sessions are also available on March 26, April 10 and April 25. Both Korean and international students can participate without any admission fees. 
To arrange a guided tour, students must register in advance by sending an e-mail (museumedu@ewha.ac.kr). For further information, visit the Ewha Womans University Museum homepage (http://museum.ewha.ac.kr/) or call (02) 3277-3675.

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