School facilities undergo both great and small changes
School facilities undergo both great and small changes
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Ewha further develops facilities to create optimal learning environment for students
Charis at the Ewha Campus Complex have been replaced for students' convenience. Photo by Chung Yun-jo.
School facilities have recently undergone both great and small changes throughout the winter vacation, and will go through further changes during the spring semester of 2014.
Changes were made to provide a better learning environment and education for Ewha students.
Ewha began the first process of  the improvement on the educational environment in October 2013 and finished in February 2014. 
The Institute for Teaching & Learning (ITL) has adopted a specialized cutting edge technology, the Active Learning Classroom (ALC), in the Ewha Campus Complex (ECC) Room B143. 
The ALC is a test operation using active discussion-based teaching and learning methods to generate discussions, conduct experiments and attempt cooperation-oriented classes. A recording lecture room has been installed in the ECC Room B142 as well.
The ALC offers a student-centered education environment for students to freely discuss and write on whiteboards. 
It has six circular tables and 42 chairs, white boards made of three layers of glass, five LED televisions and a wireless network to connect laptops or iPads to televisions.
The recording lecture room has a camera that can automatically focus on the lecturer’s movements, whereby lectures are easier to record. 
The technology for this has sufficient infrastructure to automatically upload the video on Core Campus ( as soon as it is recorded. 
The ITL plans to gradually expand this unprecedented system, depending on the results.
Students appreciate the school’s efforts to develop their learning environment.
“The new technologies and improvement of school facilities will provide a better education for students at Ewha,” Ahn Seon-bok (Mathematics Education, 2) said. “The systems and devices in the ALC will definitely boost students’ concentration and enhance their desire to learn and explore.”
Assisting in this improvement of facilities, the Office of Property Management has moderately renovated the public areas in front of the ECC Welcome Center and the ECC Art House by replacing the old chairs with colorful ones, also adding more tables and chairs donated by IKEA. 
“We are currently remodeling the common areas in the ECC as it is one of the most well used buildings by students,” said Nam Kyeong-hee, the Director of the Office of Property Management.
Ewha further develops facilities to create optimal learning environment, and entirely replaced old facilities in 55 lecture classes in Arts & Design Buildings, Music Buildings, and Pharmaceutical Science Building. In Ewha-POSCO Building, 15 tables and chairs have also been replaced.
Students will be able to participate in creating a better learning environment as well. 
The Lecture Room Support Center will run a test operation for students assigned as Lecture Room Keepers to manage and create a more pleasant learning environment this semester in Hak-gwan, Ewha-POSCO Building, Human Ecology Buildings and the ECC. These four places have been selected as the most frequently-used buildings by students. Fifteen students will be selected as Lecture Room Keepers to take care of classrooms.
The school plans to continue remodeling and developing school facilities. “We plan to take the development of the school’s environment step by step,” Nam said. “The business plan for this development has been fixed for the school year of 2014. We will re-examine the plan next year and take measures accordingly.”
Future plans include development of classroom environments in three or four buildings and classrooms with specialized technologies every year, completion of the construction of smart classrooms with electronic lecture desks by the end of the year 2014, and replacement of worn-out apparatuses and improvement of facilities.

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