RC selected as excelling model
RC selected as excelling model
  • Oh Seo-jin
  • 승인 2014.03.16 11:29
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Ewha Residential College (RC) was selected as a qualified model in “2013 The Educational Capacity Enhancement Project of Universities” which was conducted by Ministry of Education and Council of University Education on March 3.
The RC was recognized for its effort to further improve the system through test operations.
Ewha strived to establish student-oriented RC system even from its beginnings. Students’ voluntary participation was encouraged in the planning process and “Ewha Global RC Student Project Team” was formed to analyze excelling RC programs abroad and suggest a model for Ewha.
Students have explored outstanding RC programs from other nations. Twenty two Ewha students who were assigned in the next team visited universities to outline Ewha RC.
Student ideas were further gathered from “Ewha RC Unit Idea Contest,” Practical results were sought from a test operation from 147 first-year students during the fall semester of 2013.
The second test operation for 440 first-year students will start in the spring semester of 2014. A separate orientation that informs the students about various activities RC was held from March 1 to 2 in various places, such as Welch-Ryang Auditorium, Ewha Campus Complex and Hanwoori Hall.

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