Credon Book Club conveys value of “thinking humanities”
Credon Book Club conveys value of “thinking humanities”
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Credon Book Club induces people to take interest and desire in developing reasoning, and makes donations to help develop the society and create better lives. Photo by Chung Yun-jo.
The sun contemptuously bid a seemingly premature farewell with darkness enveloping the student who has been struggling to decode the black shapes on the pages of Aristotle’s Nichomachean Ethics for the entire day. Learning the unpalatable truth that she has been unable to fully understand even the first few pages of the introduction, she could not imagine herself doing anything possibly more irritating and monotonous than this.
It is impossible not to be struck with this common circumstance of the challenge of reading sophisticated texts, especially when reading classics and philosophy; it requires quite a bit of patience and duty to overcome the difficulty. Fortunately, for those who wish to press forward and continue the challenge, Credon Book Club may be a mode of instructions.
Credon Book Club aims vigorously to nurture creative individuals through reading and discussions. The club, in its own practice, is quite unusual: it acts up to the principle of “creation & donation.” Every member donates 5,000 won to help build wells in developing countries, in conjunction with schools for children abroad.
The club also provides independent study under a mentoring system titled “successor reading system” to teach people reading habits and guide those who specifically want to read classics and philosophy.
All participants are divided into groups for discussions. During discussing sessions, a considerable part of the time is dedicated to participants to engage with one another by doing “ice breaking time,” in which they talk about the main issues of the week, share recommended books and books they have read over the past week, and welcome new faces.
Many people tend to read alone, regarding discussion as a trivial matter, and therefore do not desire to embrace and acknowledge the depths of others’ thoughts. For members in the Credon Book Club, it’s a different story. According to Yoo Je-hyun (Health College, 2) who became a member of the club three weeks ago, it is desirable to share what he has learned from reading with people who invariably endeavor to read and think for intellectual and moral development.
“Each person thinks and feels differently,” Yoo said. “I did not realize that everyone has their own unique perspective when they read  and think about certain topics. It is remarkable to learn others’ thoughts and feelings through the exchange of diverse views. Also, everyone in the club has passion for reading and reasoning.”
Another participant, Hyun Seok, a businessman, believes reading makes individuals to change. He himself has experienced the change when he made his  commencement in reading a few books and participating in club meetings every week.
“Reading is a leap forward into a period of transition in opinions, and bringing change and expanding the scope of others’ thinking,” Hyun said. “I personally like to think and work out through difficult problems from a philosophical approach. My colleagues think I am peculiar but I insist to indulge in doing what I think is right.”
Credon Book Club not only influences individuals through reading and discussions, but also spontaneously shares this change, dreams and hope with students who have the interest and desire for higher intellectual education.
Kang Geon, the founder of the book club, believes that Korea’s future also lies in deriving the great advantages of the effects Credon has on peoples’ minds in the course of making up their opinions.
 “There are many souls seared and burned with scars,” Kang said. “I have seen these souls recover and receive healing through Credon. I hope many book clubs like Credon can be created and expand in all regions of the country to create more powerful and wonderful Korea.”

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