What Will Happen To The SGA?
What Will Happen To The SGA?
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  • 승인 2003.10.01 00:00
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The recent uproar over the SGA"s mismanaged funds has sparked anger and bewilderment. As apologies, explanations, and requests are put up on the walls of the buildings around campus, we cannot help but wonder how this matter will affect future SGA activities. Or, for that matter, how it will affect students" attitudes towards the SGA from now on.
This goes deeper than whether the SGA gained secret financial support or not, or whether it published pamphlets without the knowledge of the students. The SGA has lost a key source in leadership: credibility.
The SGA has been praised for many of its recent activities, such as the ensuring of rights for students on leave, and bringing out the abolishment of certain computer and English requirements for graduation. Their move to hold a fall Daedong festival this semester also held the appearance of proceeding smoothly, but all were forgotten two weeks ago when their credibility came into question.
It is, of course, appalling that there was such a lack of transparency. After the SGA answers to all the questions in due time, though, there will be another matter to think about. How they, and future SGAs, will regain credibility and function effectively as the head student body in the future.
This loss of credibility will affect Ewhaians perception of the SGA as a whole, even after the current SGA in office steps down. Perceptions are hard to break, and the SGA of next year will find it difficult to win public trust. The SGA of this year must make a thorough effort to regain as much credibility as it can.
Perhaps there may be a positive side. Students have shown an interest in the SGA"s activities for the past two weeks, and will most likely show a more attentive attitude to future SGA movements. The concern over this matter should at least serve as a way to keep student governing bodies in check and enhance student participation in SGA activities henceforth.

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