Ewha and SBS Foundation sign Journalism School MOU
Ewha and SBS Foundation sign Journalism School MOU
  • Ahn In-kyeong
  • 승인 2014.03.02 09:13
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Ewha-SBS Journalism School nurtures future workers in the field of media. Photo by Chung Yun-jo.
Ewha is the first university to sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) called “Ewha-SBS (Seoul Broadcasting System) Foundation Frontier Journalism School” with SBS. The MOU that academically and financially supports students with interest in journalism was signed on Dec. 13. The program officially started on Jan. 18. “It is the very first time for a university and a media group to cooperate in nurturing future journalists,” president Kim Sun-uk said during the MOU conference. “The Journalism School will contribute to cultivating talented individuals who will work in the field of media in the future.” SBS Foundation recognized the importance of such education and decided to support the program. As the program is supported by SBS, the field of education has been broadened to include programs dealing with current issues and cultures. There are also classes related to journalism writing, journalism ethics, case studies on foreign journalism and making documentaries. Since the Frontier Journalism School is a non degree program, the classes are open to students from other universities. Professors with hands-on experiences, journalists and producers in the field will be responsible for all classes. The lectures are offered for free to enrolled students. In class, students not only learn the theories but also are given assignments to write articles and create video clips. After completing the project, they are required to upload the articles and products on “Story of Seoul,” a Web site of Ewha-SBS Frontier Journalism School for the students to interact with the public. “Students are required to submit at least two articles or videos,” said Shin Ji-won (’13, Media Studies), a teaching assistant of Frontier Journalism School. “Giving those assignments to students so that they can actually write and produce something will be the most practical way to get the sense of the real field.” The school plans to provide education and practical experiences that are similar to real journalistic fields. It ultimately aims to educate students to be fully prepared so that the media groups could choose to work with after completing the six-month long school program. Ewha-SBS Foundation Frontier Journalism School recieves applicants every December, and the criterion is not only limited to the Ewha students. This term’s classes will last until June 19. “Our intention is beyond just producing successful candidates for the companies,” Shin said. “We will put our best efforts to raise ethical journalists who can contribute to society.”

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