Year’s closing: Looking back at 2013
Year’s closing: Looking back at 2013
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It is now the final month of the year, and we are drawing closer to the end of another 12 months. It seems like only yesterday that Ewha lowered tuition by another 1.5 percent and the Hanwoori Hall abolished its roll call system, campus buildings are refurbished, and new facilities have been constructed. As the year draws to a close, it is a good opportunity to look back and reflect on the past year.
The news that has constantly appeared in the paper this year was the renovation, remodeling and refurbishment of campus buildings and facilities. Following the renovation at the Ewha Womans University Library, adjustments have been made throughout the campus. The Ewha Donors Wall has been built on the basement floor of the Ewha Campus Complex, and the Ewha Welcome Center has been raised next to the Main Gate.
Ewha has continued its efforts to become an international platform, inviting numerous renowned guests and collaborating with foreign countries. Starting with Australia’s Governor-General Quentin Bryce’s visit in Feb. 26, well respected figures such as Drew Giplin Faust, the first woman president of Harvard University, and Tarha Halonen, the former first woman president of Finland visited Ewha.
In attempt to echo the inconvenience of students, the Ewha Voice has reported on the insufficient number of major courses, diverging opinions over the library renovation, the section system for first-year students that are not properly managed, inefficiency of replaced seat reservation machines for reading rooms, changes in grading distribution, poor conditions of dressing rooms at the Ewha Tennis Court, unmanageable number of tourists visiting Ewha and computers that are not properly administered. Though an alternative solution has been introduced for the insufficient number of major courses and overflowing tourists through the priority registration system and the construction of the Ewha Welcome Center, respectively, other shortcomings are yet to be solved.
It is at the end that one can take off for a new start. We should all look back at our past year, both accomplishments and mistakes, and prepare for a better 2014.

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