Student Service Center launches new overseas program
Student Service Center launches new overseas program
  • Lee Sang-ha
  • 승인 2013.11.17 13:02
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Ewha is initiating a new exploratory program titled “Self-Designed Overseas Program.”
As the name of the program suggests, the program allows students to organize their own exploration from selecting the topic of the exploration, devising exploration plans and contacting institutions to planning exploration activities.
Organized by the Student Service Center (SSC), the new program has been established with the aim of nurturing future global leaders with a spirit of challenge, positive driving force and problem-solving skills.
“The newly designed program is distinguished from the ones the school already offers such as overseas exploring program, study abroad program and global volunteering program in which the overall theme and structure are predetermined by the organizers,” said Kim Ji-eun, an official at the SSC who is in charge of the program. “Through the Self-Designed Overseas Program, students will be encouraged to actively participate by designing their own exploration plans.”
Students must form a team consisting of at least four members to apply for the program. The first exploration will take place during the winter vacation lasting for 12 days 10 nights – the exact exploration schedule will vary according to each team’s plan.
A total of five teams will be selected and they can explore up to four nations belonging to one of the following continents: Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Oceania and Africa.
The application period for the first Self-Designed Overseas Program has officially ended on Nov. 5, showing a competition rate of 17.4:1.
Applicants were required to submit their exploration plan along with a suggestion for the name of the program.
Currently, the official title of the program has yet to be decided as the name “Self-Designed Overseas Program” is being used temporarily. Applicants will be evaluated on their topic of the exploration, exploration plan, global competence and preparedness.
Selected applicants will be awarded a scholarship that could be used for the expenses of airfare and exploration activities.
The SSC plans to continuously hold the program, with the next one coming up in the following Fall semester.
“We expect to see active participation from students and hope the newly organized program can guide them into the path of becoming professional future global leaders,” Kim said.

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