SGA questions accumulated money usage via The Crescendo
SGA questions accumulated money usage via The Crescendo
  • Chung Che-yoon
  • 승인 2013.10.20 22:48
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The Crescendo organized The Crescendo to urge the school to use accumulated money on student welfare and scholarship. Photo by Chung Yun-jo.
The 45th Student Government Association (SGA), Woori Ewha, held a campaign named “The Crescendo” to ask the school to allocate more share of accumulated money for student scholarships and welfare from Oct. 4 to 14. The SGA received students’ signatures to deliver their opinion to the school throughout the period.
The campaign was mainly organized in front of the Main Gate, asking passing students to put their signatures in one of the three pig-shaped boxes representing “more scholarship,” “less tuition” and “more classes.” SGA members carried the boxes to school buildings such as Hak-gwan, Human Ecology Building and Education Building to encourage more students to take part. Students were able to sign via text message as well, sending their names and majors to the SGA’s official cell phone number.
“Though the school has an overwhelming amount of accumulated money compared to that of other private universities, it does not use the money properly for students,” said Bong Woo-ri (Dance, 4), the president of the SGA. “This is why the SGA has organized the campaign.”
Ewha’s accumulated money of over 758.7 billion won, which is the largest amount among those of other private universities, has drawn attention of the public eye. After the results in the analysis of accumulated money and educational expenditures for schools, Ewha offered detailed explanation on the usage of the accumulated money through the school media. 
However, the SGA claims that more should be used for the welfare of Ewha students, even though it is true that some parts of the accumulated money are necessary for the school’s future development. According to the SGA, despite the fact that 212.8 billion won of the accumulated money is under the name of “scholarship,” only 6 billion won has been actually given to Ewha students in 2012. The SGA claims that the school should spend more money on student scholarship and welfare, rather than keeping it in its savings.
Students who hold questions on the issue of accumulated money showed appreciation toward the SGA’s effort to increase scholarships and student welfare at school.
“I was surprised to hear about Ewha’s excessive amount of accumulated money,” said Ki Hyun-soo (Business, 2), who signed up for The Crescendo. “I thought it was too much and that something should be done about it to improve the situation. It is gratifying that the SGA organized this campaign to deliver students’ voices to the school.”
However, some students expressed doubt toward the relevance of the campaign.
“The school has already provided explanations on its usage of accumulated money,” Chae Hyun-jung (Human Movement Studies, 4) said. “I do not think we should put the issue of scholarship and the accumulated money in the same context. As the school said, it all has its own purpose.”
After the campaign, the SGA delivered the results to the school and the University Council on Oct. 16, with a total of 948 student signatures asking to grant more accumulated money on student scholarships and welfare.
“Through The Crescendo, the SGA hopes that the voices of Ewha students asking for more investment on student welfare can be effectively delivered to the school,” Bong said.

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