Ewha launches 1st University Council for effective management
Ewha launches 1st University Council for effective management
  • Lee Sang-ha
  • 승인 2013.10.05 13:04
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The University Council has been created to improve school management. Photo provided by the Office of Communications.
Ewha officially created the 1st University Council and held its appointment ceremony at Aryeong-dang on Sept. 24.
The University Council is an advisory and deliberation committee comprising faculties, staff, students and alumni who have come together to promote and foster the ability of the university and to suggest ideas on effective school management.
The nominees to serve on the council are composed of four professor representatives, two staff representatives, one student representative, two alumni representatives and two designated nominees who can be of help for the development of the school.
For the 1st University Council, professors Kim Sung-jin (Chemistry & Nano Science), Park Dong-sook (Media Studies), Chung Duk-ae (English) and Choi Kyung-hee (Science Education) were nominated as professor representatives after an election; Kim Ki-hyun, the chairperson of Labor Union, and Lee Hyun-hye, an official from the Office of General Administration, will represent staff members; Bong Woo-ri (Dance, 4), president of the 45th Student Government Association, is the student representative; and  Jo Jong-nam and Park Yoo-na, the president and vice president of Ewha Womans University Alumni Association, were appointed as alumni representatives. President Kim Sun-uk selected professor Shin Yeong-soo (Architectural Engineering) and board chairman of the incorporated association, CHEMS, Chae Moon-kyung as two nominees who have been considered capable of contributing to school advancement.
The nominees of the council will serve a one-year term and dedicate their time as representatives to the advancement of Ewha.
Regular and temporary meetings will be held throughout the year and they will be mainly dedicated to deliberating and advising about Ewha’s future plans, education and overall management.
 “It is highly expected that the University Council will serve its role as suggesting and advising ideas to the school,” professor Chung said in the appointment ceremony. “I hope the council can contribute greatly to the advancement of Ewha as a committee that can provide diverse opinion and constructive criticism.”
 The student representative also showed high expectations for the council as an official place to voice student opinions.
“Before the launch of the University Council, there was no official place to propose our demands and directly deliver students’ voice to the school,” Bong said. “I sincerely hope for the University Council to adhere to democratic and trasparent procedures.”

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