Office of Research holds “Ewhain’s special day for entrepreneur dreamers” for future entrepreneurs
Office of Research holds “Ewhain’s special day for entrepreneur dreamers” for future entrepreneurs
  • Yoon Hye-joon
  • 승인 2013.10.05 13:00
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Lee Eun-ae is giving a lecture under the theme of social enterprise at the first entrepreneurship lecture series on Sep. 27. Photo by Chung Yun-jo.
The Office of Research held the first lecture of the “Ewhain’s special day for entrepreneur dreamers” lecture series in the Ewha Campus Complex Room B159 on Sept. 27.
The Office of Research designed the lectures to cultivate entrepreneurship in Ewha students and help them prepare for their future careers more wisely. These lectures are open to anyone who wishes to become a future woman leader and prepare to face challenges regardless of their dreams.
The first lecture was about social innovation and entrepreneurship given by Lee Eun-ae, the president of the Seoul Social Economy Center. Lee lectured about how to live harmoniously with social minorities and how to overcome modern society’s indifference toward others.
The “Ewhain’s special day for entrepreneur dreamers” lectures will be held three more times this semester in October, November and December.
Women leaders who have succeeded in their field, including Ewha alumni, will be invited to each lecture. In contrast to past lectures, which were mainly focused on simply starting up one’s business, this lecture series gives a broader overview of businesses including startup businesses.
“I was interested in social welfare,” Choi Seon-young (Library & Information Science, 3) said. “It was very interesting to hear about helping people in need by combining business and social welfare. I now look up to the lecturer as my role model.”
The students were overall satisfied and some students even remained after the lecture to ask questions to the lecturer.
“I think this lecture gives students a chance to think about their future careers,” said Lee Ji-eun, an official from the Office of Research. “Students definitely have something to learn from the lectures even though they may have different interests, and can apply what they learn to their own lives.”

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