Ewha launches SNS accounts
Ewha launches SNS accounts
  • Jang Ji-won
  • 승인 2013.10.05 12:58
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Ewha opened its official Facebook page and Twitter account on Sept. 4. Carried out in accordance with the recent homepage renewal, the establishment of the Social Networking Service (SNS) aims to expand the school’s range of communication with Ewha students and the general public.
Students showed positive reactions toward Ewha’s efforts, but also expressed that there is still room for improvement.
“I think it is great that the school is trying to communicate more actively with students through SNS,” Hu Jae-eun (Open, 1) said. “However, Ewha should advertise these new services and events more since not many people are actually aware of them.”
Ewha is planning to spread its online services with the development of a new system in October.

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