Old to gold: rediscovering value of second-hand 4
Old to gold: rediscovering value of second-hand 4
  • Chung Che-yoon
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Portobello Market spreads second-hand value around world
Sasha Ilyykevich (left) and Stephen Folwer (right) are both the owners of Quinto Bookshop, located in the Charing Cross Road. Photo by Chung Che-yoon.
While the car boot sale is an old tradition that local people share,  tourists from all around the world gather to cherish the British second-hand culture at Portobello Market,  the most famous market in London.
Even though it sells all kinds of things including jewelries and  souvenirs, its most popular items are second-hand goods.
“People come here to find vintage clothes and items,” said Leslie Hove, who has been a vintage trader in Portobello Market for nine years. “The UK succeeded in spreading a positive image regarding second-hand goods. People’s awareness of vintage is continuously developing which made the market so popular.”
Anyone allowed can sell their goods in Portobello Market.
“This is our second time here selling our belongings,” said Nara (Kingston University, 2) and Susannah (Manchester School of Art, 2), two university student sellers in Portobello. “Unlike car boot sales, which have no limits on the items sold, Portobello restricts the items to mainly clothes and jewelries. It attracts more people of our age. We are planning to come here regularly.”
More than 10,000 people visit Portobello every day, looking for valuable second-hand goods which can satisfy their needs. Since the positive image toward vintage goods continues to flourish among people, Portobello sellers predict that the market will be even more famous in the future. 
“More and more people are coming to Portobello each day,” Hove said. “As long as people continue to seek the value of European vintage, the market will never lose its reputation as the most famous tourist attraction in London.”

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