CDC adjusts programs and renovates office to become more student-friendly
CDC adjusts programs and renovates office to become more student-friendly
  • Jang Ji-won & Chung Yun-jo
  • 승인 2013.09.13 16:48
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The CDC renovates its office to be more friendly to Ewha students. Photo by Chung Yun-jo.
The Career Development Center (CDC) has recently made several changes to promote active participation of Ewha students and to become more open to them. These changes include office renovation and development of the CDC’s programs.
The CDC’s office environment is now more welcoming to students. Through the renovation of the office, partitions between booths were lowered to enable entering students to see the officials’ faces. Moreover, to avoid disconnection or distractions during student counseling sessions, the workplace and the counseling area have been divided.
“Here at the CDC, we are striving to help students start their career experiences with programs related to what they really want,” said Choi Hye-won, an official of the CDC. “We wanted to create an atmosphere where students can walk in freely and frankly ask some questions or get career counseling.”
As a part of the attempt to become more student-friendly, the CDC launched “CDC Supporters” as well. A total of 24 supporters were recruited, and for each college, two to three students were selected based on how much they had thought about their own careers.
“Until recently, we never really had a systematic method for actively listening to students’ opinions about the CDC,” Choi said. “Through this program, we now have direct contact with students from all colleges and have the students participating in the organization process of CDC’s programs. We can reflect students’ ideas in our activities and thoroughly comprehend the needs of students.”
CDC Supporters will officially begin their term starting this semester. The roles of the supporters include publicizing the center to other students, participating in various CDC’s events, writing out reports and proposing suggestions.
Another effort by the CDC is the expansion of the “CDC Meets You” program.
The visiting service program is one where the CDC sets up booths in the lobbies of each college building and provides career counseling programs specialized to individual colleges.
The program started last year but was expanded and strengthened this year to last longer and provide more abundant career-related information to students.

“Many students have physical restrictions that prevent them from visiting the CDC office due to its poor accessibility,” said Hong Sun-kyung, a researcher at the CDC. “We wanted to overcome this problem and become more accessible to students, so we expanded our visiting program. Last year, the program was somewhat sporadic, but this year, we will visit each college four times during the fall semester. I hope we can meet all individual students of each college at least once through this program.”
Overall, the CDC is constantly working to help Ewha students with their careers.
“We think it is important for students to challenge themselves and experiment with new things,” said Jeong Kyung-hee, manager of the CDC. “All of these experiences will benefit the students in developing their career. Our part here is to help students undertake these challenges by stimulating them. We are always thinking about ways to further aid Ewha students. I hope Ewha students will show corresponding interests in the CDC and take part in its useful programs.”

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