Make teamwork “work” for you
Make teamwork “work” for you
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In the near end of the semester, students overloaded with team projects are crying here and there, going on about how inefficient their teamwork is. In a society where individuality is increasingly preferred, we must come to realize that nothing is achieved alone. In university and even in future workplaces, collaboration and team effort will be continuously asked for. Every individual is responsible to work together and contribute efficiently to bring about a successful result.I myself am a very independent person, preferring to work alone if possible. However, as my years at Ewha pile on, I have come to realize that cooperation is crucial. Good teamwork is essential in bringing better outputs as more minds can bring extraordinary results.
But cooperative teamwork is easier said than done. There are those that do not take work as earnestly as other members, including those who sit back and refuse to take on their role. To make matters worse, differences in opinion are bound to occur.Despite these challenges, the final output must be made and doing everything alone is too much of an overload. Over the years, Ewha Voice and other team projects have provided several solutions. A few suggestions for better synergy among teammates are as follows.
The first is defining expectations. When students are work together, there is a clear purpose, and along with this purpose follow expectations of what each teammate wants. It is important to clearly talk the expectations through and agree on one clear idea. With a developed common approach, teammates will have to work consistently and check with each other until the goal is achieved.
Second is effective communication. Wherever you go and whatever you do, communication is key when working with other people. There is also the saying, “communication is a vital factor of interpersonal interaction.” Everybody should be able to express their thoughts, and one person should not dominate the discussion. With this said, everyone must engage and participate.
Third is responsibility. Designated roles should be executed by the person in charge and all members must understand that team projects require combined effort. It is everyone’s responsibility to participate whether it is attending meetings, brainstorming sessions, or participating in any other activities.
Then, there are the other basics: Setting an exact date and making sure the assignment is completed on time, participating wholeheartedly, being open minded, supporting and trusting your teammates and trying to have fun while working together.
These are only a few of the   guidelines that I have learned and tried to follow when it is necessary for me to work in a team. Different teams will probably need different guidelines, but making the effort to build a successful team will bring satisfying results.
Always keep in mind Henry Ford’s saying, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

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